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Problem solving in Ghana

2 years ago

Ghana Problem Solving

Ghana just like most other Sub - Saharan African region is notably vested in diverse ethnic group, relatively high unemployment and poor infrastructure development as well maintenance. These challenge can be curated into two different categories by the view from two diverse lenses. 

One of the lenses see the challenges as an impediment to thrive and live a fullfilling well deserving life. Whiles these is critical the challenges provide an essential request for Startups. Ideas keep flowing to help tackle these highly niggling challenge. 

The former form of challenge which leads to the path of despair is conventional and widely accepted. "There are challenges in difficult situations" - Kyle Robertson (The Incessionist). The alt defaul mode is to agitate for better situation, but what if those who supposed to fixed these budding problems are tone deaf to implement what is necessary ? A solution is still needed likewise. This opens the path for people solving problems in their own unique way and procedures. 

A lot of the youth are looking for strategies to solve problems in the country, one of the most notable ways is to implement self known practical steps to solve economic or institutional problems in a scalable way to get paid. But, the question is how decentralized are the infrastructure to support such projects? Taking a look at the Fintech space, the big players have turned regulators and players in the industry. Most necessary features that a startup could leverage on have been well vested by the big players as well, making the value proposition very indifferent. Likewise, the E-commerce ecosystem in addition to marketplaces. The regulatoriry system is highly fragmented, finding the right service system is has a high degree of inculpability. Take a look at the Ghana Post Service delivery system. The cost far outweighs what can be leverage on by a startup with limited resources to enhance service delivery. Same can be said of startups in the healthcare delivery system. 

Takint a glance into the future, one wonders what can really go well to accelerate the problem-solving process in this country. The temptation to bestow our lives on leadership is decelerating faster to the spectrum close enough to doubts and impossibility. The current issue is, the people are ready to innovate and help save the economy, country and improve on lives, but the system controlled by leadership are the huge obstacle. They [leadership] is not in sync with the solutions to meet the aspirations of the people or may be the solutions are too difficult to behold and implement. In which every way the current situation doesn't connote confidence in those who entrusted their lives and decision making to the few in the position to make decisions for the entire nation. Some radical changes, expedient implementation and execution is much needed to bolster what the youth and innovators are yearning to accelerate their lives.



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