The man Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings |

The man Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings

flight lieutenant jerry john rawlings

Casting your mind’s eye back the political and economic instability between the period of early 1970s will give much credence to what the man Jerry John Rawlings was to become. He was in high early to mid 20s full of energy and able to spot the wrongdoings among the political elites, senior military men and leaders. In many instances he was a by-product of the crookedness of those who suppose to have had the moral right to do good for their people.

A young military officer, a flight lieutenant he was, knew there was some God given inherent passion and drive he could change things for the better. Led a failed coupe in May 15, 1979. Personally took sole blame for the was arrained before court martial and ready for execution. With the last minute benevoulence and exhubirant of junion military officers who stood their grounds and launch an offence to rescue him on June 4, 1979. Power was seized by his men and all was history.

In the course to reform the then "corrupt" system, went ahead to execute the senior military officers which was shocking and took a lot by surprise. Sent former 3 head of states to firing squad and several military officers as well. That was an era of serious purging. In an attempt to eliminate corrupt leadership and give the country a clean start. However, things were not smooth as it wanted, with limited knowledge in economics, the country was in turmoil. Very much unsafe, unstable and despirate for visionary and hope.

The "junior jesus" held an election, Hilla Limann won, handed over power and by December 31, 1981 launched another successful coup disrupting all politically stable progress made. Run for democratic elections and won in 1992 and 1996 convincingly, bringing his ostensibly term of office to 20years, unprecedented in the history of Ghana. But, the question one really wanted to ask is "did he fulfill his will?" or "was the will based on sound judgetment?" to offset the country from the path of corrupt leadership?

Between the year 2000 - 2008, former President Jerry John Rawlings men who he govern the country with were tried for various forms of corruption and financial loses to the state. Some died in prison, while others serve their jail term thus, Tsatsu Tsikata, Dan Abodakpi among others. The thought of his men being convicted for crimes and even execution of judges really was exhiliratingly difficult to ascertained about the moral compass of former President Rawlings. Was he too lenient on his men or it was at his blind side of things.

In which ever lenses you expatiate your insight on former president Rawlings, you cannot fail to admire the effort he brought to correct some wrongdoings in the political and military leaderhsip of this country and also the weakness of a man who could not stray his parochial aspiration to maintain the earlier stance of good governance and economic prosperity for the populace. Under his democratic governance, the economic indicators were disipated, turning Ghana into HIPC. Nonetheless, the man Flt. Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings had his shining time and did what was best looking at history in a snapshot of certain happenings, also was a man with litany of flaws. He passed on November 12 2020, a life well lived but arguable not well fulfilled.

interesting insight, however you failed to delve deep on his role in ensuring coups were truncated from our history. But, good write up.! .. (0)