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2020 Elections and NDC rejection of election results

Elections, political parties need to learn from data other than being opinionated and inured against it. The trajectory to a presidential win has a classical record in y2008 1&2, y2012, you can spread the margins with y2000 (1st rnd). 2016 was an outlier based on records. Popular votes system doesn't bind PC and MP votes in correlation, to some degree, but not absolute. That's why EC chair declares for Presidential Elections without appending the records of MP votes.
Having much synergy in disputing results based on a piece of electoral college system in the evidential analogy, might lead to an emotional anti-climax. A facile idea of political parties, halve the number and MPs and expect a run-off, in the unlikely event of that not happening points to obvious irregularities has been proved to be flawed. Recasting ones' mind to expatiating on details of 5 out 8 elections under the 4th republic supports the current outcome.
To dispute results have a moderated analysis (margins of diff) on what points to a win. If you data is lopsided towards 'sentiments'/'perception' and/or feelings then a rethought is critical at that juncture. Popular votes system isn't complicated with sound polling reps raising questions/objections where it matters in a likely or unlikely event of irregularities.
Unless going to court is a face saving strategy for the presidential candidate to rekindle efforts for a come back, that effort crumbles each and everyday evidence of facts are pursued. Here is the thing, to win in court to some extent leads to disenfranchising other voters on basis of legal but skewed technicalities. The court will always hold against subversion in the least kind of disenfranchising others voters. If you have experienced elections & court related issues you don't want to be led trodden that path.