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TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF" At the job interview tomorrow, when you are asked this, don't tell your prospective employer why you love to dance Salsa every Friday, or why you prefer vanilla to strawberry. When you are asked this question, just take a deep breath and follow these 4 simple steps: 1. Summarise your educational background. 2. Give your interviewer a summary of your work history(highlight specific roles that match the job description). 3. Sell yourself; convince the employer that you are the best fit for that role. 4. Stop talking. Example: Let's say you are applying for the position on an P.A to the Managing Director of a reputable firm, this template could work for you; "I have a degree in Communications and Media Studies from (state the University). For close to 4 years now, I have efficiently managed the calendars of Business Executives, making their working lives much easier, and taking the workload pressure off their shoulders. I know you are looking for that dynamic lady who can help manage your daily itinerary, as well s effectively assist you in your line of work without fail, and that has proven to be a core competency I mine." Happy Job Search!


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